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What in the World is Daniel Talking About, Part 2?

February 26, 2021


This is Part 2 of a brief study of fascinating Daniel Chapter 11.

What in the World is Daniel Talking About?

February 26, 2021


There's no way to know what this portion of Scripture is talking about without help.

Prepare for Action!

January 7, 2021


This blog is a call for Christians do live Godly lives in these sinful days!

Where the Defiling Term ‘Palestine’ Comes From

September 14, 2020


This blog helps bring clarity to a very confusing issue.

Who Killed Jesus?

September 9, 2020


This blog answers a crucial question every Christian should be aware of.

The Fascinating Story of Pilate’s Wife

February 21, 2019


This blog examines the women who dreamed that Jesus was innocent.