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The Failure of Christian Fathers

May 10, 2022


This blog looks at the sad truth about the Western Church.

The Gold Standard of Christian Behavior

May 2, 2022


This blog may irritate you a little, but the message is worth your consideration.

A Biblical Self-Check List

April 15, 2022


This blog gives you a gauge with which to measure an aspect of your Christian walk.

When Christians Act Ignorantly

April 12, 2022


This blog will help you better navigate your way through difficult situations.

Satan’s Ongoing Work

April 6, 2022


This blog reminds Christians that our nemesis is very much alive and forging on in his heinous work.

The Most Difficult Command to Obey

March 26, 2022


This blog helps bring perspective to a tricky verse.

Modern-Day ‘Prophets’

February 9, 2022


This blog takes to task those who claim direct revelation from God.

FOX, CNN … I’ll Take GOD!

February 4, 2022


This blog encourages believers to evaluate their priorities.

A Verse Every Believer Should Aspire To

January 31, 2022


This blog poses a challenge every believer should take to heart.

Carry Your Weapon!

January 27, 2022


This blog encourages Christians to engage the spiritual battles being waged against them.