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What it Means to Be Made in God’s Image

October 15, 2019


This blog helps to explain an often misunderstood truth.

A Prayer That Pleases God

November 14, 2018


This blog will help you focus your prayer time.

Christians, Stop Seeking ‘Tolerance’!

November 13, 2018


This blog examines the world's enmity toward Christianity.

The Happiest Verse in the Bible?

November 12, 2018


By David Ettinger Unusual Location The word “happy” is not one often associated with the Bible. Rather, Christians rightly prefer the word “joy.” Generally speaking, the Bible doesn’t so much teach about “happiness” as it does “joy.” But there is one verse that makes me happy, and it is found in an unusual location. The […]

The Only Way to Stop the Shootings

November 8, 2018


This blog explores the tragedies occurring in our country.

How Should Believers Respond to Prophecy?

November 6, 2018


This blog looks to bring some civility to a touchy topic!

Election Time? No Biggie: 10 Wonderful Assurances!

November 5, 2018


This blog should help lift your spirits in these tense days!