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The pre-John 3:16 Verses

January 24, 2023


This blog continues a short study on the surrounding verses of John 3:16.

When All Sorrow Will Be Banished

January 20, 2023


In light of the tragic events of this world, this blog looks at the joy which awaits God's children.

The Promised Glory of Christian Suffering

January 19, 2023


As we draw nearer to the end of the age, Christian persecution will increase.

A Little Love for John 3:17, Please

January 18, 2023


This blog give much-needed attention to an overlooked Bible verse!

Are You a ‘Soothing Aroma’ to God?

January 17, 2023


This blog encourages you to examine your "offerings" to God.

God’s ‘Revealing’ to Believers

January 14, 2023


This blog helps explain believers' readiness in accepting the truths of God and His Word.

Why Christians So Naturally Accept Biblical Truth

January 11, 2023


This blog helps clarify why believers and unbelievers are so vastly different.

The Bible’s Powerful Impact on History

December 16, 2022


This blog helps bring to light the massive power of the Bible!

The Inspiring Account of Christian Martyr Thomas Bilney

December 15, 2022


This blog will give you a greater appreciation to those who gave their lives for the Gospel.

Oh to Have Such Devotion!

December 9, 2022


This blog gives all Christians a great man of devotion and faith we can emulate!