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Good Book Confidential: The Story of Lot

July 28, 2019


This, the 5th chapter of Good Book Confidential, is about Lot and his daughters.

Jesus the Conqueror

July 5, 2019


This blog explores a facet of Jesus not often taught.

The Orlando Massacre: God’s Judgment?

June 12, 2019


This blog asks a question many people wonder about.

Psalm 75: God in Absolute Control!

May 8, 2019


This blog examines God's sovereignty.

Another Massacre: Where it’s All Heading

March 15, 2019


This blog takes a biblical look at where our world is heading in light of all the massacres.

The Most Shocking Verses in the Book of Revelation

March 14, 2019


This blog looks at an absolutely stunning passage of Scripture.

Hey, America: If the Shoe Fits …

March 11, 2019


This blog looks at the major issue festering in the U.S.

Humanity’s Disease; God’s Cure

February 26, 2019


This blog examines the natural state of the human race.

A Small Reminder About God

February 4, 2019


This blog examines other attributes of God besides love.