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The Truth Christians Too Often Forget

October 1, 2021


This blog will help you better cope with these trying days.

God’s Tender Word to You: ‘Be Still’

January 28, 2021


This blog will help bring a little more serenity to your life.

A Heartfelt Wish for All Believers

November 20, 2020


This blog seeks to bring calm amid these turbulent times.

Election Time? No Biggie: 10 Wonderful Assurances!

November 2, 2020


This blog should help lift your spirits in these tense days!

Our Exalted God

May 25, 2020


This blog looks at the God we worship, the One who lifts up our sunken hearts!

Our Biggest Danger as Christians

March 31, 2020


This blog will help you maintain focus in these amazing days!

A Great ‘Getting Older’ Verse

March 18, 2020


Here's a great memory verse for people of all ages!

“You, Keep Your Head in the Game!”

March 14, 2020


This blog will help bring perspective to the current coronavirus crisis.

God’s Glorious Peace

March 10, 2020


This blog looks at one of God's greatest gifts to His childre

“Because They Relied On the Lord”

January 30, 2020


This blog looks at the Christian's best strategy when engaging the battles of life.