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The Fiery Fate of Rejecting Jesus

January 8, 2021


This blog will not be pleasant to read, but it communicates absolute truth.

There ARE Many Paths to God!

August 21, 2020


This short blog examines the crucial issue of salvation.

Would You Wear A ‘Black Lives Matter’ Shirt to Share the Gospel?

July 31, 2020


This blog examines a controversial and difficult issue for most evangelicals.

The Stickiest Issue of the Gospel Message

July 30, 2020


This blog explores one particular objection when sharing the Gospel.

Reflections on Death

May 6, 2020


This blog looks at what no man or woman can escape!

Christians Cannot ‘Coexist’

April 27, 2020


This blog explains the uniqueness of the Christian faith.

A ‘Bottom-Line’ Verse

February 21, 2020


This blog examines sobering truth the world must know.

Hey Believer, Stay Focused!

August 2, 2019


This short blog encourages us to be mindful of the things of God!