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Stephen's Death and God's Mighty Plans

February 19, 2020


This blog looks at God's much larger plans for His children.

What to Do When They Come for Your Guns?

February 12, 2020


This blog tackles a fiery topic!

My Readers Are Close-Minded!

February 10, 2020


This blog definitely cries out for your feedback!

The Death Penalty and the Bible

February 5, 2020


This blog examines a very touchy issue among Christians and non-Christians alike.

So What if People Hate President Trump

January 31, 2020


This blog points to the true role of Christians in this divided world.

Unsaved vs. Saved: What A Contrast!

January 22, 2020


This blog examines what the Bible says about those who know Christ and those who don't.

How We Got the Bible

January 17, 2020


This brief blog examines how the holy Scriptures were preserved over the centuries.