Why I’m Not Losing Sleep Over the Election Fallout

Posted on November 10, 2020


By David Ettinger

Angry and Distracted
What is happening here in the U.S. as a result of last week’s Presidential Election is exactly what I feared.

Before the elections, a number of people I spoke to on both sides expressed the same sentiment: “Whoever wins, I hope it’s a blowout.” In the wake of all the extraordinary occurrences of 2020, the last thing we wanted was a protracted, heated, and nasty election fallout. Sadly, this is exactly what we have.  

With charges of voter fraud savagely swirling, President Trump supporters are not only licking their wounds at having (apparently) lost the election to Joe Biden, but are incensed by what they view as widespread corruption perpetrated throughout voting sites of battleground states.

And it is wearing on many of them. I know people who are so angry and distracted that they cannot get their work done, or at least function at full effectiveness.

I, on the other hand, am doing fine, and I hope this doesn’t sound callous. I’ll explain.

God’s Will – Intended and Permissive
Of course I am disappointed in the way our country has behaved during this process, and yes, I do believe voter fraud occurred. How much voter fraud? I have no idea, and whether or not it affected the outcome.

But more importantly, I am a Bible-believing Christian who trusts that God is in control of all things; that He is firmly situated on His throne; and that all major events are subject to His scrutiny.

I know many Christians agree with me, but they’re not acting that way. I have had discussions with my workmates and pointed this out. I asked, “Don’t you believe God has everything under control?” “Yes,” they reply, and then add, “but …”

This shouldn’t be. Can anything hinder God’s will – intended or permissive? For instance, in the 2016 elections, President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by the narrowest of margins in certain key states. No doubt voter fraud could have given these states to Mrs. Clinton.

However, what if the Lord had intended for Donald Trump to win in 2016? Could God not have suppressed the fraud and seen to it that His specific will was accomplished? Of course He could have. Conversely, what if for His specific purposes He now wants the Democrats in control of the White House? Could He not see to it that this occurs?

I know God does not “play” politics, but for my Christian friends who stand aloof from politics (which I’m fine with), please don’t try to convince me that our God who is so active in the workings of the world does not have a hand in world politics.

The Bottom Line
My point is that as a Bible-believing Christian, I know for certain that God has a specific scenario in place for this world. He knows precisely which direction this world will be heading in as we draw nearer to the return of Christ, and He will move us there.

Whether God is actually “pulling the strings” or allowing Earth to forge its own demise, He is working out all things for His precise purposes. Indeed, Proverbs 16:4 tells us: “The Lord has made everything for its own purpose, Even the wicked for the day of evil.”

The bottom line – at least for me – is this: I don’t know the truth regarding voter fraud and the 2020 Presidential Election, but God does. It is up to Him to either overrule it or allow it to stand, based on His very specific purposes.

Therefore, if Joe Biden indeed becomes our President, I will rest in the knowledge that God has permitted it, that He saw no reason to step in and prevent it, and that in the doing, His precise plan and will for the future of our nation is being executed.

Regardless, rather than losing sleep over the Election fallout, I will continue to do my part in God’s Kingdom, advancing the Gospel and entreating God to use me as one of His many, worldwide ambassadors for Jesus Christ!