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Cling to the Word of God

June 17, 2022


This blog will help you focus on Christian priorities.

Carry Your Weapon!

January 27, 2022


This blog encourages Christians to engage the spiritual battles being waged against them.

In Praise of 1 Chronicles!

January 19, 2022


This blog is intended to increase your interest in reading this precious book of the Bible!

Free Digital Issue of Our Magazine!

December 21, 2021


An offer you can't refuse!

Is This Phrase in the Bible?

June 9, 2021


This blog investigates the origins of a very popular phrase.

The Police, and Turning Scripture Upside Down

June 3, 2021


This blog examines what the Bible says about those who corrupt the Truth of God's Word.

Why I Changed My View on Bible-Reading Plans

March 15, 2021


This blog examines a huge problem among modern-day Christians.

Modern-Day “Apostles” Are No Pauls!

February 16, 2021


This blog examines what a servant of God should -- and shouldn't -- be.

A Word on Bible Versions

February 12, 2021


This blog is pure personal commentary. What do you think?

Act As If Your Bibles Will Be Burned

January 13, 2021


This blog urges Christians to read their Bibles!