Praising God 40 Years Later

Posted on January 12, 2019


by David Ettinger

Today is an immensely important and meaningful anniversary for me. It was 40 years ago today, on Friday, January 12, 1979, that I left my home in New York City for the sunny and desert warmth of New Mexico.

On that day, at age 21, I was a disenchanted Jewish-born, Jewish-raised atheist. But shortly following my arrival, God began bringing people into my life who told me about His wonderful Son. I would not give my life to Christ for another seven years (you can read my testimony here), but it was on that day when I made my way out to the “Land of Enchantment” that I began my journey to Him.

January 12, 1979, was the turning point of my life and it will always be a monumental date for me. My 22-plus years in the great Southwest were amazing, life-transforming, and a “desert experience” in the best sense possible! So, on this very special 40-year-anniversary, I convey my deepest gratitude to my God and Lord for His love, grace, and unswerving faithfulness!

My first year in New Mexico, 1979.