Unfortunately, Point Proven

Posted on September 10, 2020


By David Ettinger

Back on August 17, I posted a blog titled, “Sadly, Blogs Christians Read Least.” The main point of the post was that blog readers – CHRISTIAN blog readers – will read just about any category of blog over good, old-fashioned Bible-teaching (expository) blogs.

To me, expository-teaching is by far the most important category of blog because it teaches Christians more about God and the Bible than any other blog category. Despite this, expository blogs are my least read – when they should be my most read.

Unfortunately, this truth was proven yesterday when I posted what I thought would be an interesting read: “Who Killed Jesus?” It received consistent but modest traffic, that from my core readers, who are strong Christians well-versed in the Bible. However, it was intended for marginal Christians, as they would have learned quite a bit from it.

Six hours later, though not planning it, I posted a “practical” or “technical” blog on a topic I had been reading more and more about from bloggers: The new “Block Editor” WordPress format. Most people don’t like it, and I just wanted to toss in my 2 cents worth on the subject.

So, there they were, 2 blogs in one day: “Who Killed Jesus?” and “No Problem With Block Editor.” I knew exactly how it was going to end.

It took but an hour for “Block Editor” to catch up with and soon after pass the far more serious, weighty, and important blog dealing with Christ’s death.

And the really unfortunate part of it is – I expected nothing else. Sad commentary!